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​Men in Underwear on Social Media: Sexy or Too Much

Posted by Dude Undies on

Facebook and Instagram is notoriously famous for making selfie a part of our global culture. From simple selfies while dining or drinking your favorite frappe at Starbucks to selfies boasting hard-earned toned muscles at the gym. And we are most certainly caught up with this trends. 

Some people draw the line, some people, ignores the line. Should there be a line drawn when it comes to selfies?

Depends. Online publishing is not anymore confined to web editorials or blogs. Online publishing has been taken to a personal level. Whatever we post on our social media accounts are things that we want the world to see, if you are that person who would like to post an image boasting your six pack and a bulge to go with it. 

Then please do so, just be prepared to be criticized by your conservative friends or to the extent of being blocked by others.

Some People Aren’t Accepting of Sexy

Even at the age of highspeed internet and sexy fashion trends, some people are just stuck in an era of the past. Some may react to a guy (or a girl) in their nickers like as if they are looking at porn. But it is seriously okay. Go with the old adage saying, “if you have it ,flaunt it!”

The undeniable power of social media to be the avenue to get attention and possibly land a modeling gig besides of course, possible hot dates made is rewarding for most people. 

But to some, of course it could be tragic. Let us be honest here, this is not body shaming or is it advocating on pornography. A person who takes care of themselves does require respect. Whether or not you validate it is your problem.

Say for example, David Beckham, why would it be okay for him to be placed on wide magazine spreads wearing just his nickers while others aren’t allowed to post their hard-earned well toned muscles on their Facebook timeline?

At some point we do seek validation and there is nothing wrong with it at this time and age. However, if it becomes your life and validation does not really work the way you wish it to be, then consider posting something else.

The Dude Undies Ambassadorship Program

Here are Dude Undies, we have recently launched and ambassador program to help us get even sexier on social media. In exchange, we are willing to promote you on our blogs and across social media platforms where we have a huge amount of following. 

Moreover, you might be entitled on discounts and freebies on all the brands we carry at the shop.

Our website receives thousands of daily visits, who knows if you land your first modelling gig through us.

To learn more about the ambassadorship program, please click here.

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