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​Brace Yourself Ladies! Lace Underwear for Men Gets Real

Posted by Dude Undies on

What was first thought and tabooed for kinks is making the biggest crossover in history. Men’s lace underwear is taking the market by unexpected storm. Will the next Victoria’s Secret angel be a man? Perhaps there is a big chance for that.

Let us admit it, at first it I may be a little weird, but there is some serious sexy into this. The unexpected turn was… More and more straight men, without being forced by their partners are switching to lace boxers. The trend is unstoppable and we can say some serious closet makeover is happening this year and the years to come.

Guys embracing their naughty sides

Social media is booming with photos from sexy men boasting their bulges covered in sexy laces. If there is anything wrong with it, is that it brings many of us begging for more.

Yes, gone are the days that women are restricted to objectify a man’s body. A man embracing his naughty side is man is a man worth praise and honor.

In honor of the laces, check out Dude Undies new batch from Candyman:

Want more? Please click here. 

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