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​Heat Up Valentines Day with Dude Undies Playful Costumes

Posted by Dude Undies on

Dressing up isn’t just for the ladies. This Valentine’s Day, entice and surprise your partner with something naughty or playful. Dude Undies delivers the best collection of top quality men’s costume and erotic underwear that suits the day of romance and action.

Level up the fun with the newest collection of sexy men’s costume and erotic pairs of underwear that can leave anyone’s jaw to drop. From looking like a sex-god to a submissive slave, we have everything you would need for games that means serious fun.

The following are our Top 10 erotic underwear and costumes:

Candyman Garter Belt Thong

Laces and garter belts aren't just for the ladies anymore. Heat up Valentine's day by surprising your partner how great you look in a lace thong with garter belt. 

The Candyman Garter Belt Thong is lacy and racy, all wrapped into one small, sexy package. 

The minimal rear coverage immediately opens you up to feel desirable, all the while allowing you to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing over the thong. 

The piece features a wide elastic waistband, setting the thong in place for extra comfort. 

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/candyma...

Candyman Firefighter Outfit

Want to be the sexy fireman with a big thick hose? Instead of putting down the fire, this piece will definitely add fuel to the fire. 

Heat up the Valentine's Day by surprising your lover, partner or date with this one of a kind costume. 

Sound the alarms, everybody - a sexy fireman just walked in! The Candyman Firefighter Outfit is red hot with style.

Made from super stretchy microfiber fabric, this combined boxer-brief and suspenders form a smooth, body-defining fit that nicely accentuates your masculine contours. 

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/underwear/candyman-firefigh...

CandyMan S&M Outfit

Do you want to look extremely submissive? Then don this outfit from Candyman and be ready to be punished! 

The CandyMan S&M Outfit is perfect for catapulting your partner into a hot and bothered mood. 

This little number is all the gear you’ll need to bring out your inner dominant or submissive side. 

The minimal coverage and straps provide an aggressively, openly sexy look, pronouncing your all of your assets and every inch of physique. T

he roomy pouch makes it incredibly comfortable and makes sure your most important gear stays in the right. 

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/candyma...

Candyman Police Outfit

Are you ready to arrest someone and show them what discipline is? Or perhaps you want your partner to wear it, then hurry and grab this at the shop!

Stop in the name of sexy! Police Outfit Color Blue gives you the look and feel of a sexy cop, and comes with a silver badge attached to the front that shows you're in charge. 

 See more at: http://dudeundies.com/underwear/candyman-police-o...

Candyman Tuxedo Outfit

This is probably the sexiest tuxedo in the planet. Expose the gentleman on you when you undress and surprise your lover, partner or date. 

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it attached to your thong with the ultra-sexy Candyman Tuxedo Outfit. 

Made from stretchy microfiber fabric, it features a contour pouch that provides support and a gentle lift for a sexy, enhanced frontal profile.

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/underwear/candyman-tuxedo-o...

CandyMan Black Hardcore Singlet

The CandyMan Black Hardcore Singlet is perfect for those who want to showcase their more daring sexual side. 

The stretchy microfiber fabric gives the body sleek definition, while the singlet’s leather look eliminates the sweat factor and allows the skin to breathe. 

The jockstrap design gives you a sexy back end and plenty of support in the front end. - See more at: http://dudeundies.com/underwear/candyman-black-ha...

PetitQ Bondage Bikini

Bulge pouch design, snug-fitting and comfortable. Men's Wrestling Singlet. Nylon and spandex combination make comfort for daily wear. 

Gripper At Leg Openings flat lock stitching. 

For your boyfriend or wearing under sports clothes. Crochet bulge pouch and lace up design. 

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/petitq-...

CandyMan Cupido Brief

This Candyman Cupid brief is perfect for those dedicated to being naughty and romantic anywhere, any time!

The brief provides full coverage with a sweet, sexy heart-shaped details on the back, giving your partner all the more motive to show you some love.

 The low rise, lean cut sits nicely and comfortably on the hips. See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/candyma...
Candyman Lace Dominator Boxer

The CANDYMAN Lace Dominator Boxer is ideal for men who plan for a wild night. The boxer is made with nylon, elastin, and lurex stretch lace to give you the comfortable and ultimate sexy look that makes moments unforgettable. 

Front edge covers with full Nylon and Elastin material to give a perfect finish. - See more at: http://dudeundies.com/underwear/candyman-lace-dom...

CandyMan Lace Hearts Boxer Brief

The Candyman lace hearts boxer briefs are made from a soft, lightweight, stretchable fabric that guarantees a delicious body-defining fit. 

With a masculine lingerie style to it, this piece takes you to an entirely new level of glamour. 

The lace hearts boxer brief is sheer, revealing just enough of your finest assets and it comes in a flexible lace pattern, adorned with hearts that hug your skin. 

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/candyma...

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