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Dude Undies Trending Thongs: Is It for You?

Men wearing thongs couldn’t get any hotter. Thongs are tiny yet deadly when it comes to turning on your partner, they bring this vibe that can make anyone say “YES” with little to no effort at all. This lethal weapon of seduction will never fail you. Dude Undies collection of trending thongs guarantees action with seduction. The following are the [...]

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The Dude’s Comfort and Joy for The Holidays

Keeping your boy well supported during the holidays is a must. Tis the season to be jolly and it’s important that you aren’t just trendy and ready but also comfortable. Whether you are looking for the best underwear to gift yourself or someone special, Dude Undies delivers the best picks for the season. Top 10 Sexy Underwear for the Holidays1. [...]

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A Dude’s Guide To Underwear Styles – Our Top 30 Picks For You!

Let’s face it, underwear is a necessary evil. We need it to keep bodily fluids from making our clothing smelly and stained. Also, it keeps the ‘boy’s’ supported, comfortable and even protected… That should be reason enough to keep the undies on, or should it? Typically, women have had all the fun when it comes to [...]

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The experts (and a Hot Chick) say...

Oddly enough, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding men’s underwear over the last two years. A report was published which announced that the men's underwear market is worth almost $7 billion and climbing – now, that’s a lot of boxers and briefs! With the news of the booming undies market, Garcon Model did its own research and apparently more manly [...]

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Amusing or Absurd? New Novelty Men’s Underwear Trends

Men’s underwear has come leaps and bounds of term of style, function and comfort over the years. Yet for any aerodynamically shaped thong or highly breathable g-string, there’s a new ‘trend’ that abandons such notions for attention-grabbing, slightly mad adventures. Here’s just two we’ve come across in the last week, and whilst we don’t know if we can pinpoint [...]

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The secrets revealed by men's underwear habits

The most interesting part about underwear is the point where it stops being a necessary, everyday piece of apparel, and becomes a conscious fashion choice. From there it becomes a surprisingly outward expression of yourself, despite the fact that we keep it (for majority of time at least) fairly concealed. But how far does that logic go? We can [...]

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What differences are there between Gay Underwear and Straight Underwear?

Most people don’t imagine underwear being earmarked as gay or straight, but from our experience the differences can be quite striking. Sexuality, just like anything, doesn’t guarantee what each and every guy feels most comfortable in, but between gay underwear and straight underwear there is overall a fairly visible division that we want to highlight in this article. Whether or [...]

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Big Dick Problem? Here’s the Underwear That’s Got You Covered

Being ‘well endowed’ can be both the butt of endless jokes as well as the envy of many men, but one big dick problem that rarely gets discussed is the everyday nuisance of buying underwear. It’s not just a case of ordering exclusively larger sizes or ones that are extra loose; you have to avoid entire lines of garments [...]

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Photos: Are We Ready for Men Lace Underwear as a New Trend?

Whether we’re talking leather, lingerie or some mix between the two, the funny thing about fashion trends is they can seemingly spring out of nowhere. Of course when a new, startlingly different take on a classic item of clothing catches the public’s attention, it’s probably already been worn for a while – which is definitely the case for men [...]

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Strike A Grand Impression With The New PetitQ Collection

If you’re after underwear that’s sleek, slender yet nevertheless geared for an undeniably seductive impact, then PetitQ’s new line has you covered (if only just barely!). The immediate appeal of these unabashedly flashy trunks, bikinis, kinis and g-strings is the combination of searing bright colors with ever-classic prints, and yet there’s more to enjoy with this new Spring collection than [...]

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