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Picking the Right Underwear to Give You the Perfect Bulge

While men seem to have unwavering self-confidence, the truth is, we can be as insecure as women. Take for example how we feel about our manhood. Despite all the proof there are that women value several other things about our bodies more than size, we still believe that when it comes to being sexy, the bulge is a huge [...]

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Debunking the Side Effects Men’s Tight Underwear

You’ve heard it before “men’s tight underwear causes infertility” or “tight underwear causes erectile dysfunction.” Are these purely myths or are these solid facts that can be backed up by science?Let’s take a look at both sides of the argument to find out the truth behind tight undies.The Debate Over InfertilityInfertility issues derive directly from heat production in the case of [...]

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7 Must-Know Men's Underwear Fabric Types

Men’s underwear fabric is usually not a man’s biggest concern, but there are more options than just cotton and nylon. Men have a variety of choices when it comes to fabric. The feel and wearing conditions of each fabric type will dictate when and when not to wear a specific fabric type.If your underwear isn’t comfortable or you [...]

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Men’s Lace Underwear: A New Fashion Trend or an Overnight Fad?

Have you seen men’s lace underwear? A new fashion trend that is picking up steam is men wearing lace. While some men just aren’t confident enough or comfortable with wearing lace, others are embracing the trend.Curious how they feel?Scratchy Where They Shouldn’t BeLet’s be honest – men are hairy. With lace, hairs get stuck in the fabric, and when [...]

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Men’s Underwear: Choosing a Color That Works for You

When you put on your underwear, does it say something about your personality? How about your mood? Men’s underwear comes in an  ever-growing array of styles, but one of the most overlooked aspects of underwear is color. Choosing the right color will help you feel better, change your mood and even add a bit of playfulness to [...]

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Dude Undies - Your Guide to Our Styles

There’s more than meets the eye when picking the right kind of underwear, and finding the perfect combination of comfort and style for just about any occasion isn’t always the easiest thing in the world.Nor does it have to be so difficult. In the Dude Undies guide to your favourite underwear styles, you’ll find everything you ever wanted [...]

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Our 10 Top Pick of Sexy Men Underwear

If you are one of the men who do not really care about their underwear, perhaps it’s time change today. You will find a lot of things going right if you adorn comfortable undies or choose the right sexy mens underwear for that night when you want to indulge yourself with great company. At the gym, you could [...]

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How To Feel Like A Rockstar In Your New Underwear

Most of you may wonder what the connection between being a superstar and buying new underwear is. And if you don’t know the answer, you've probably never felt the effect too. It’s proven that putting on some new, comfortable and sexy underwear can boost your confidence to such a level that everyone on the street may notice it. So just like rockstars, [...]

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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Men Underwear

If you’ve lived on this planet long enough, you know this one law to be true: things are rarely as simple as they appear. That person who cut you off in traffic doesn’t exist just to make your life harder. They could just be late to pick up their kid from school because their boss [...]

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The Hole in Men’s Underwear: Name and Purpose

Finally, some answers. We’ve all seen it. In fact, it’s so common place around dudeundies, we almost forget about it. Men’s underwear and its strange opening in the front. “What is this even for?” many of us have asked. Asking your friends certainly didn’t help, they don’t know either. Well, search no further. We’ve done all the [...]

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