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Let Your Big Boy Be Comfortably Free With WildmanT's Big Boy Pouch Mesh Collection

WILDMANT announce the release of its newest line in male underwear. The Big Boy Male Pouch Collection. What is important with this new line is that production has been brought back to US and Colombia in particular. Tim Wildman, the Owner of the Wildmant was very happy with this move. This echoes another notable male undergarment producer, Andrew [...]

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24 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Used Underwear

We live in an age of the “throw away”, the disposable, the “ever changeable”. In the past it was not like this. Things were made to last or they were “made” to last. This is because many of our ancestors had to make things last. Clothes were re-sewn, patched up and repaired. Tools were re-sharpened and [...]

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A Brief History of Briefs etc

In “exploring” the world of male undergarments, it might be a good idea to take a look at the history of pants, or a brief history of briefs. A Brief History of Briefs etc Loin Cloth Looking around there is quite a lot of information on this. For men, the basic loin cloth was all they had for a long time. [...]

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Why Men`s Underwear Are So Expensive?

Men`s underwear can be expensive sometimes. There are varieties of different reasons why. To start, it can be the quality or fabric of the underwear that is used. An expensive fabric like silk will automatically make the boxer or brief cost more. Another reason is the specific name brand of the underwear that may be a household [...]

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7 Men`s Underwear That Are Fun To Wear

Underwear that are fun to wear, for one who cares and want plenty of stares, or for those who are interested more for the leisure and comfort is found here. Seven different types of underwear for men are listed here for you to ponder upon of obtaining. The Clever Danzze Piping Brief Grape is lively, multicolored underwear that holds sway [...]

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The Wonderful World of Men's Underwear

Everybody likes comfortable underwear that fits right. Correct? How about underwear that does the trick, by not only feels right but also looks appealing for men to wear and women to lust after. This is the norm for men who want reassurance in what they put on beneath their regular attire. For what is regular, is not always familiar [...]

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10 Reasons Why Guys Like To Wear Thongs

Thongs have been the talk of the town for decades. With all the issues about gender equality, men have been battling with themselves to answer this very crucial question: Should I wear thongs? First of all, having this question cross your mind is already a hint that you are interested in wearing a thong. Now, what’s holding you back? [...]

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Top 10 Men's Underwear Halloween Costumes for 2015

October’s almost coming and it’s that time of the year again where it’s absolutely normal to carve different faces on pumpkins, dress up as fictional characters, and swim in a truckload of candy! Who said only girls can look sexy in their flirty nurse outfits and seductive cop uniforms? Men can be just as taunting and smoking hot with [...]

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11 Reasons Why Men Should Start Wearing Thongs

Not only are thongs for men now easy to come by. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. But not all men wear thongs. Some think it’s weird. Some think it’s uncomfortable. Some think only women should wear thongs. Actually, men will gain a lot from wearing thongs regularly. Don’t think so? Here are 11 advantages [...]

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11 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Underwear Instead of Going Commando

Isn’t it weird how commando, the word for a soldier trained in doing ambushes, now also means going without underwear? I don’t see the connection. Letting your boys hang loose is nothing like going to battle. But many would disagree. There’s a lot of support for ditching underwear altogether. Here are 11 reasons you should keep wearing underwear instead. 1)You'll less [...]

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