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7 Underwear Questions Most Men Are Embarrassed to Ask

Posted by Dude Undies on

Let’s face it, while we cannot sum the entire population in one sentence, it is true that there are quite a number of men who do not know their underwear choices and even their “care” instructions. As I dig deeper into the topic, I found several articles from popular websites that talks about how men are trapped to underwear designs they wear back in high school.

What is the deal about men’s underwear? Truth is, most men believe what was chosen for them by their moms back in the days is the “right” choice. Mothers know best, right? While there is no argue about that, exploring the possibilities does not mean disobeying your mom. You are a grown up now.

And this goes out with proper underwear care as well. They would rather that someone do the washing instead of them, not because they are lazy but often because they are clueless. That is why I thought of this article…

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The 7 underwear questions men are embarrassed to ask.

1. What is the best underwear style?

The term best is relative and there are plenty of things to put into consideration. But the truth is, a man must experiment to find the style that works for him.

Briefs and boxers are two of the most popular underwear styles that gets men’s attention. Why?

Well this might be due to the fact that younger, they are used to wearing briefs as chosen by whoever does their underwear shopping. Older, they get the boxers. But it does not mean it is right (or wrong) it is mostly just a matter of habit.

Comes boxer briefs, a cross between boxers and briefs. A type of underwear that captured the hearts of men and covered their bits.

Boxer briefs are no doubt the best underwear style if you ask men. It is safe, comes in different designs and built and usually anatomically correct for any body type.

2. How often should washing be done?

Think of your underwear as the collector of all your sods and sweat from inside. While it may not look dirty after a single wear, the bacteria buildup is undeniable. Short answer to the question is, wash every use, no matter how sweaty the activity was.

Body odors are usually due to bacteria build up and it is better to avoid that at any point.

Besides, sweaty undies are never comfortable... or attractive.

3. How many pairs should a man have?

As many as you can. You see, underwear is not just to make you look good or made to cover your exciting parts. Underwear is that first thing you put on and the last that goes off.

Having as many pairs in your collection is similar to making a bold statement that you care about your hygiene and is in fact, fashionable. There are different underwear types called for by whatever occasion or ensemble you choose to wear.

For example, formal attires would require a good pair of boxer briefs while exercise or gym workout also demands a different pair. Be diverse in your underwear collection.

4. What is the best material for an underwear?

Cotton and modal!

Your underwear must breath and stretch and most importantly it must also have the ability to absorb even just a little.

Modal fabric proves to be much more durable and can absorb more 50% more moisture than cotton. What is it exactly?

Modal fabric is made from semi-synthetic fibers. That’s it! While cotton, obviously is made from cotton.

Woolen and thermal fabrics are best during colder seasons or extremely cold places. In short, fabric is relative to the climate, activity and of course, your comfort.

5. When must an underwear be thrown out?

If it is out of fashion or terribly designed and not fitting you well, you are allowed to throw it out right away.

Moreover, do not hold on to your precious pairs, your crotch will thank you for that. You do not need to wait until its shredded before you change it. I advise on throwing them as soon as you feel that the seams and garters are becoming lose or the print has begun to fade.

6. Is it good to go commando?

Absolutely not! It is risky! You have the risk of getting your boy injured. Most pants, esp. those made of denim can have sharp or rough seam at the crotch area. You do not want to feel like your balls and cock is being rubbed against sandpaper.

Besides, it is unhealthy and unhygienic.

7. Must you consider novelty underwear?

Absolutely! If you want to spice up your sex life or simply want to feel sexy, going with fabrics made of laces and mesh can change the game. You do not have to be extreme but a simple twist on your regular underwear will not hurt. Check out these sexy men’s underwear, you might be surprised how comfortable they are.

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