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A Great Underwear for Men Is Worth Every Cent

Posted by Dude Undies on

I was at a party recently and faced a question from a new friend saying, “Why is underwear for men becoming more expensive?” Since I was introduced as someone who is in the underwear business, I felt compelled to come up with a witty answer. But the moment cannot accommodate my lengthy answer so I just answered, “It is because the material used in underwear for men constantly evolves and built to keep up with men’s fashion trends.” I knew the answer wasn’t witty enough, but I took note of the question and promised that I will one day provide a good answer. And that day is today.

If you come to think of it, the only piece of garment that is truly intimate to a man is an underwear. It is that one thing that gets close to your prized possession. It is for this reason alone that underwear requires fabric and built that comes to the standards of comfort, excellent hygiene and trendy.

A proper underwear requires the GOOD STUFF, from the fabric used, to the quality of waistband material to how it was seamed together. The usual 6 and 8 packs of underwear just cannot be in par. We are talking about fashionable materials that can be your skin’s best friend. Not just any material…

Not to brag, but the best classic, casual and fashion underwear can be found on Dude Undies, as it carries affordable brands that will not disappoint.

4 Favorite Underwear Brands on Dude Undies

1. JOR

JOR has been in the market for quite a while, offering the most fashionable, comfortable and wide range of underwear to suit any man’s needs. While Calvin Klein boasts their tighty whities, JOR boasts awesome prints that are more appealing to this generation.

I mean, if you really want to up your underwear game, JOR will help you out from the selection of their classic underwear to the demands of an active man who prefers sporty undies.

Check out the best of JOR here.

2. Clever

Clever is a brand appealing both young professionals and those who wish to put a little naughtiness into their daily life.

Briefs, boxer briefs and Jockstraps delivered by Clever is a man’s underwear problem solver. With fabrics that are truly comfortable and can withstand an active lifestyle, Clever also offers classic prints that goes with just about any occasion.

Get the best of Clever Underwear here. 

3. Ergowear

If pouch underwear is your thing combined with anatomically correct built, then Ergowear is far from disappointing you. A bestselling underwear brand topping sales charts, Ergowear is a man’s best friend, regardless of your endowment. They guarantee a piece of underwear that moves that way a man does.

Click here for the best off Ergowear.

4. Xtremen

Surprisingly, this newly launch underwear at the Dude Undies shop has been actively sold across the United States with minimal marketing. What makes it a man’s choice? Well, the built. Xtremen keeps up with the demands of modern man’s living standards, from active to plain comfort. Just like in the following examples:

Click here to view more of Xtremen.

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