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Boxer Briefs That Your Partner Begs for You to Wear

Posted by Dude Undies on

Men’s underwear market is no joke and every dude’s dilemma is finding the right pair that will not only feel good but also look good. There are always fresh options when it comes to briefs and boxer briefs and new release does not always mean appealing.

While most women (or men, depending on your preference) will have individual preferences when it comes to the type of underwear they wish their partner would wear, there are still some designs notably preferred by all genders when it comes to viewing the male body.

What is sexy and comfortable? Sexy does not always mean wearing those strappy G-strings or mesh brief. Sexy can be all about the fabric, the color or seams of how the piece was created.

Let’s go and talk about that in detail.

1. Printed or Colored Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs with fun prints and colorful fabrics are voted by most men and women to be sexy. Keeping up with the fashion trends, boxer briefs are no longer just for hiding under trousers, they are also expected to be impressive when getting naked.

No wonder, JOR, Clever and WildmanT sells thousands of these underwear easy.

Women loves them, and men loves them, a sure winner I suppose.

2. Sporty / Enhancing Boxer Briefs

Sporty boxer briefs and those offering enhancement is yet another type of boxer briefs another person would find flattering if you wear.

Bulge enhancing may be done with additions of either pads, cock rings, slings and others. But we say, even those that were seamed to make your pouch look bigger is great enough.

Where to find them? You can check out these type of briefs here.

More boxer briefs here.

3. Thematic Boxer Briefs

We all want a little bit of fun, humor or eroticism thrown from time to time. Surprisingly, most people find sexy thematic underwear to be an appropriate naughty date piece.

Candyman is known for manufacturing these types of underwear, and by that we mean delivering only the best. Thematic underwear aren’t only for Halloween and Valentines Day, there is one for each occasion.

Check these out.

4. Laces, Mesh and others

It hasn’t been that long when laces are used by top brands as incorporated fabric into the design of boxer briefs. First appealing to the gay community, these type of underwear has made a yet an astonishing crossover as most ladies prefer their men wear them as well.

While men’s lingerie may sound a bit too much for our conventional straight dude. Some underwear can be sexy without looking too feminine. For example, those with mesh to cover the rear or some to make the pouches look more interesting.

More? Click here.

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