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Cheek Underwear for Men: Too Much or Simply Too Sexy?

Posted by Dude Undies on

First off, what is a cheek underwear? Next, why would a man wear a cheeky underwear?

It is easier to answer the first one so here it goes; Cheek underwear is similar to boxers or briefs, or we can assume much more closer to that of a boxer brief but is designed to expose more of the rear area.

Is it brief? Definitely not! Is it boxers? Maybe. How about bikinis, are they bikinis? Sort of.

The thing is, there is no specific design called a cheek underwear for men. But some boxer briefs are often designed this way. For example:

You can see from the above examples that the materials used for cheek underwear for men may range from laces, mesh, spandex cotton, cotton or combination. Cheek underwear is all about the cut and many men prefer this type of underwear over the conventional boxer brief. Why? Because it offers almost the same coverage and support while leaving you comfortable and not constricted to that of a brief.

To give you a better review. Let us talk about some of the best cheek underwear products available out there: 

Clever One Human Race Cheeky Brief

This cheeky brief from Clever boasts bulge enhancement done right. With awesome waistband that would definitely look awesome peeking from your trousers' waist. this cheeky underwear is less of a boxer brief but hardly a brief or a bikini. 

The classy print will go with just about any guy, whether you are sporty or going for a formal look. This type of underwear will just do you fine. 

Interested? Avail discounted price from Dude Undies today! 

Pikante Tasty Package Cheeky Boxer Brief

Pikante is known for bringing the world the most daring men's underwear. But don't take it that way, it isn't so all the time. This cheek underwear from Pikante offers great comfortable material, fun print and of course durable. If you sometimes do not want to go with elastic waistbands made of garters that may irritate your sensitive skin, this is an awesome way to look cool, sexy and cheeky. Get it here.

Clever African Treasure Cheeky Boxer

Boxer briefs can be sexier. Aiming for that sporty look? Then Clever African Treasure Cheeky Boxer will definitely fit you well. Also designed for those who are sensitive to waistbands made of garters, this makes a great choice. 

I must admit, cheeky boxers has never looked this neat and can fit any body type. Get it today here.

Clever Zero Point Cheeky Brief

Finally, another masterpiece from Clever, Zero Point Cheek Underwear gives you yet another of the best pouch enhanced underwear. Whether you want to look big or is actually a big boy, this one will ensure your meat is in place and comfortable. 

Made from breathable micro fiber, this underwear will ensure your comfort while remaining in style. An ultra sexy silhouette cheek underwear that makes sure that your boy is definitely noticed and looking delicious. 

The elastic waistband makes it appealing to be worn on low rise jeans and will peak just about right to entice whoever is looking. Want this? Check it out at the shop!

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