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Every Inch of Andrew Christian Model Pablo Hernandez Naked

Posted by Dude Undies on

Everyone on the internet seems to love Pablo Hernandez naked. It isn’t surprising how many would fall for Pablo Hernandez. His Andrew Christian underwear photos can make easily make anyone happy, what more his all-out pics. Everyone must have seen every inch of this hunk. From controversial Cam4 gang bangs to his provocative vines. And yes, it is just awesome.

Here are the top 8 pictures of Pablo Hernandez naked, things below can get really XXX HOT XXX:

1.Don't You Love Pablo's Foreskin? 

A hammock shot! Who else loves naked men on a hammock? This is just great, Pablo Hernandez naked here looks like he is ready to take a dozen cocks up his ass. But look at the beautiful uncut cock! Looks delicious! 

2. A One-of-a-kind Selfie!

There are quite a lot of hunks out there taking selfies and but this one Pablo Hernandez naked selfie tops them all. Oh must I say, bottoms them all. Anyway not every can take such a picture gloriously, not only is he showing his flexibility but also displaying his awesome hole that seems to say, "the deeper, the better."

3. Handsome Face and Equally Handsome Cock!

Pablo's cock looks delicious. Again, Pablo's cock looks very delicious. He is one juicy trophy boy that can brighten your day with just staring at the picture above. 

4. Pablo Hernandez Enjoying a Cock

The great thing about Pablo is that he wouldn't just show you his great cock! He also knows how to PROPERLY enjoy one. This picture explains everything. While you take care of your raging boner, beware of the items 5 and 6. 

5. Pablo's Sex Tape Leak

We must all admit, most people must have came a few dozen times with the above leaked sex tape. What a hole! There is just something about hunky underwear models fucking each other and Pablo is a hungry bottom who knows how to do it well. 

6. Part 2 - Sex Clip Pablo Hernandez Naked and Banging

Of course there is part two and there are many more online. He has show all the way in his vines, no wonder... '

7. Pablo Hernandez Naked on Vine

[gallery type="rectangular" columns="4" size="medium" ids="708,709,710,711"]

Pablo's vine of cock, balls and ass will make anyone wonder...... Who would DARE say NO to this. For one, the ass is just too good, it looks like something "rimmable" for hours. Next, imagine pulling that uncut juicy cock towards his buns and give it a great sucking. Oh Pablo! 

8. This Pablo Hernandez Gangbang Won't Disappoint

Just to let everyone know, there is no affiliate link for that video. But it's worth watching, seriously worth watching if you like the Andrew Christian trophy being banged in his cock-hungry hole. Pablo Hernandez naked is an understatement, more like Pablo Hernandez power bottom. Serious boners for anyone who loves hunks fucking each other. 

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