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Favorite Bulge Enhancement Men’s Underwear

Posted by Dude Undies on

Get bulging this 2018 as we introduce the newest and the bestselling underwear that helps you achieve a bigger and defined look.

Bulge enhancers does not necessarily have to come with c-rings, slings and pads. Often how the underwear seam, the design, prints and others can help you achieve a much fuller look.

Enhanced pouch underwear are an awesome choice for men who wish to enhance how their crotch area looks like without actually having to go for pads, rings and slings that may pose some discomfort if worn daily.

Here are some of our favorite bulge enhancing men’s underwear of 2018

Extremen Snug Brief

This type of underwear is the perfect example of staying sporty and comfortable as you enhance your bulge. The addition of black in the seams of the pouch gives you more definition while the make itself is intended to keep your bits protruding with enough room.

Sexy Lingerie For Men The Xtremen is an amazingly sexy brief with contrast trim on waist, legs and pouch and a soft and resilent material which takes you to a new level of glamour. Low rise design and total coverage on the back will give you comfort-ability and sexiness at the same time.

Ergowear Feel XV Boxer Brief

Ergowear is known for their classic designs intended for the BIG boys.

Ergowear bulge enhancing pouches are great to go as daily wear or formal wear to help avoid feeling constricted. The Feel XV Boxer Brief boasts as a true FAVORITE in our shop.

With Ergowear's unique FEEL pouch that provides extra room without a pre-defined shape. With it's fabric emulating the look of cotton this boxer is great for those who prefer a more conventional look but still want to enjoy the benefits of ergonomically designed underwear.

WildmanT Contour Pouch

When it comes to contouring, nothing beats the WildmanT contour pouches. Has been unbeatable when it comes to full contour of your “boy”.

With bulge front pouch giving anomie’s and strong visibility of your package. This is tremendous pouch bikini brief. These contour pouch bikinis are absolutely for the sex lovers who like sexual briefs.

WildmanT Big Boy Pouch Underwear

The king of pouch underwear appropriate for daily wear, this will sure give you a great contour and benefit of comfort.

The Wildman underwear have 90% Nylon and 10% spandex for giving fully comfort to soft and polite skins. This is also a perfect mesh contour boxer brief.

PPU Boxer Brief

This one is not just a boxer brief, it is a PPU boxer brief so expect that is no less that being hot and intriguing. This is not just enhancing your bulge but taking your underwear game many levels up!

The PPU Boxer Briefs are a trunk-style boxer brief that gives you two things you'll love: the first is a sleek, defining fit that provides plenty of support and long lasting comfort; the other is a very modern and sexy design. They're made from soft, stretch fabrics that nicely accentuates your masculine contours while feeling soft and comfy against your skin.

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