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Mens Briefs: What Men Actually Buy and Wear Today

Posted by Dude Undies on

Mens briefs go along with the ever dynamic and competitive fashion trend. Unlike conventional knowledge, most men ages between their late teens up to early thirties prefer to wear briefs that are much more daring and erotic compared to the common classic briefs. This fact is made obvious by the rising sales of erotic and “non-standard” mens briefs in the market and even more obvious by popular everyday brands releasing the most daring types of underwear today. Let us face the fact that briefs and boxer briefs are no longer designed like the old days. Times have changed and we are all loving it.

Men Prefers Sexy

Sexy is such a broad term. What are sexy mens briefs? We can say that those built with sexy materials from lace, sheer and mesh are sexy briefs, but sexy goes deeper, the designs from seams to the waistband contributes to the overall sexiness of mens briefs.

Say for example the following:

Pikante Castro Brief

Created way differently from the conventional mens briefs, Pikante Castro is a bestselling piece at the Dude Undies Shop with hundreds or orders not only across America but worldwide.

Unconventionally sexy, mens briefs like most of what Pikante produce supports an exciting twist in any man’s underwear collection.

Bulge Enhancing Mens Briefs

WildmanT Mesh Big Boy Pouch is one of the bestselling mens briefs at Dude Undies Shop. Enhanced pouches have become a trend these days not only to enhance the size of your “manhood” but also providing comfort and unbeatable twist to the regular brief.

PPU Side Elastic Brief

When you need to bring sexy up a notch, PPU is there for you!

The side elastic brief holds in place but not designed conventionally. It gives you a look of almost a jockstrap but not a jockstrap, creating intrigue and sexy altogether.

Since it is built with durable sportswear material, the PPU Side Elastic Brief can be worn as a daily wear or gym wear. It is sexy but at the same time will provide you all the support you need for some heavy activity.

JOR Neon Brief

For a few years now, addition of vibrantly colored wide elastic waistbands has been a trend among popular mens briefs brands. JOR being one of the leading and highly fashionable mens briefs brand, of course, ensures to have plenty in their collection.

JOR Neon Brief comes with a great neon colored waistband combined with elastic cotton materials for the rest of its make.

Low rise and lean cut, the result is a sexy and clean underwear design fitting every guy.


Candyman Mesh Brief

With a see-through mesh, no wonder you’re guaranteed comfort and sexy design. Candyman mesh brief is built like conventional brief with a twist on the material used. With a wide elastic waistband, it ensures that the entire piece remains in place leaving you looking sexy.

Just try to imagine wearing it when going on a date, you’d probably score high the moment you take off your pants. A must have!


That’s just the roundup of what is actually selling these days. If you are wondering what other men actually buy themselves for their brief needs, these are the top five. Surprisingly, gone are the traditional designs of white, black and single colored pieces. Men are much more experimental now, and that explains why you should be as well.

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