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Mens String Bikini Underwear: The Hottest Reasons Why Wear Them

Posted by Dude Undies on

Mens string bikini underwear leaves no room for the fainthearted. This type of underwear bravely showcase your bulges the best possible way. 60 percent of the male population regardless of sexual orientation have at least a couple of pairs in their underwear drawer. Why?

I asked Tommy, 23, his answer was short but not disappointing either, “It is unbelievable comfortable and boosts your sexual energy knowing that underneath it all you are wearing something sexy.”

While reasons may vary for owning mens string bikini underwear, what resonates to almost everyone is the comfort it provides.

Is it really comfortable? Well, that depends. You see mens string bikini underwear are somewhat built for different purposes. That is either for:

  1. Kinks and shows (fetish wear)
  2. Daily wear
  3. Active wear

Mens String Bikini Underwear – Fetish

Mens string bikinis that are obviously a challenge to be worn as a daily wear obviously falls as a fetish wear. They are not meant to give the support and are intended for visuals. Both men and women finds underwear erotic and mens string bikini underwear tops the list as one of the most erotic pieces out there. 

To give you a better understanding, these are the types of string bikinis best for fetish wear.

Although leather, mesh and lace are sexy. I doubt you'd find them comfortable for a day in the office or when you hit the gym. Check out these kinds of underwear at Dude Undies Mens String Bikini Collection.

Mens String Bikini Underwear - Daily Wear

Alright, string might not really work for most men who wish to wear a bikini at work (depends on your job.) But bikinis with thicker waistbands do the trick. Do you know that a big percentage of straight men in the US admits to openly choosing bikini underwear over traditional boxers and boxer briefs. Who can blame them. I mean take a look at the sporty/athletic designs of bikinis like below. They truly pass as something you should wear. 

Mens String Bikini Underwear - Active Wear

Bikinis are also great active wear. Just like briefs, boxer briefs or even jockstraps they can give you the support you need when lifting at the gym. There are many athletes who prefer bikini to keep their man parts in place. But there are different types of bikini or mens string bikini underwear for that. Actually, that is hardly accomplished by a string bikini. You really need good straps for active wear mens bikini underwear. See below: 

Dude Undies celebrates all men who loves bikini. There are a lot of discounts and free shipping for some orders. Click here to start browsing.

We ensure quality mens string bikinis from top brands offering durable and trendy designs. 

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