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Mens Thong Underwear: Straight or Gay?

Posted by Dude Undies on

It is quite interesting to dive into underwear topics online especially mens thong underwear. The gay stigma surrounding tiny underwear seems to cross cultures and age groups. But the real question is, are mens thong underwear really just suitable for gays?

The short and simple answer is NO.

Heterosexual men do wear male thongs and bikinis and often finds them to offer the support and comfort they require.

It is a longstanding stereotype that mens thong underwear and bikinis are only for the gay guys. Perhaps this is because thongs are often perceived as a sexy undergarment for women, thus a piece attributed to be feminine. But in the world of practical fashion, comfort is relative to personal choice and many, not a dozen but countless men prefer g-strings, thongs and bikinis over briefs and boxer briefs.

It is all a matter of personal preference.

Andy, accounts manager at a financial firm admits he prefers thongs and bikinis. He is straight as the lines on a ruled pad and I personally know him.

He claims, “masculinity is not the type of underwear that you wear because the TV and Magazines says so, masculinity is actually admitting to yourself what makes your boy down there prefers.”

That being said, I stopped asking for more input from other men. That is sufficient enough.

Mens Thong Underwear in Fashion

We must applaud the hundreds of top brands out there who are now actively marketing mens thong underwear among their pilot products. This means we are giving men more privileges to find what is comfortable for them.

Recently, campaigns began to ditch the old beliefs that a man is expected to wear tight single color underwear, that is either a brief or a boxer brief.

Medical myths surrounding thongs and bikinis are also fading. Which is great. For finally men are beginning to let go of the idea that fertility requires lose boxers or is preserved going commando.

Choosing the Right Mens Thong Underwear

Alright, now let us begin to dissect the topic with more depth.

Thong underwear can be said to fall into different categories. There are those made for daily wear, some created for flashy “show time” and others fall in between, erotic and for kinks only.

When you are choosing mens thong underwear that you intend to wear for work, it is only reasonable that you choose one that is made of cotton or combination fabric that offers support and comfort. Going for the leather or sequined pieces will bring you trouble and possible scratched crotch.

They are built for different purposes.

I personally would recommend mens thong underwear by either JOR or Candyman, they build some of the most fashionable and durable pieces at the best prices.

If you would like to go for erotic, Pikante and PetitQ, they offer the most daring and tiniest pieces that would make anyone drool over you.

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