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Men’s Underwear Mistakes You Must Avoid

Posted by Dude Undies on

You do not need to be an underwear expert to know the basics of your underwear needs. Much of it is all about hygiene. Besides support, it is the primary purpose of wearing underwear. So before you make further mistakes and save your balls and cock from being stinky, sticky and suffocating your manhood let us explore common men’s underwear mistakes.

1. Do not re-wear unwashed undies!

This is plain unhygienic. Although you may claim that it is still clean, it actually isn’t. Remember your underwear is the first line of fabric that absorbs sweat, sods and bacteria. A single wear means it is already dirty, beyond what the eyes can see.

Re-wearing unwashed underwear invites bacteria buildup in your crotch area.

2. Mind your drying

Drying underwear in the washer must be on cool water. Heat can make the color fade and elastic fabric to loosen.

You do not want underwear straps that looks like cooked bacon, do you?

Extend the life and value of your underwear by following washing instructions or simply use your common sense when it comes to washing and drying using heat.

3. It’s all about color

With the recent popularity of colorful prints of underwear, it is hard not to get into the jive. But expect that colors fade. If you want to prolong the colors, NEVER use laundry soap with bleach. Strong detergents will make the colors fade super-fast.

If you want to stay in budget. Choose single color underwear that does not require any extra washing rules. Whites are great, but stains do build up. Pure white undies can be bleached with no problem. But those with even the tiniest lines of blue or red will eventually bleed color, choose wisely.

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4. Oh yeah, Tighty Whities… You still buy ‘em?

It is still sexy in some levels but choose an alternative design. If you still prefer white underwear, choose from the wide range of new designs mixed with different materials. Keep it sexy whity!

5. Wrong Fabric or Fabric Combinations

This is very important esp. if you have sensitive skin. Regular cotton underwear is still the most ideal daily wear. Choose a fabric you are comfortable with, something with a lot of plastic and eslatic material may cause abrasions or heat up your crotch area to the point of discomfort.

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