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The Almost Naked Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted by Dude Undies on

Halloween is probably one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. And surely, one of the best times an opportunistic sexy moment one can take advantage of. While many are thinking of spooky costumes, some might prefer a sexy take.

Alright, some of the ideas I am presenting in this blog post may be shocking, but in all honesty, a few of them may really be only appropriate in the bedroom.

Be surprising this Halloween by sporting only on these underwear pieces and some creative ideas I come up with.

Candyman has always been surprising with their releases of sexy men's costume. The examples above displays a complete ensemble available at the Dude Undies shop. Just try to imagine showing up as that sexy pirate over at a party, you would definitely get the attention you crave for. However, if you are a sexy pilot and show up at your company's Halloween party with the sexy pilot outfit, let us hope that your boss is not within the premises and god forbid, please do not wear it at work. However, I think the pilot outfit will do great even not for a Halloween party. Everyone dreams to be under a "captains" mercy.

What an on point Halloween costume. Spooky meets sexy! Be the seductive vampire with a touch of delicateness with this piece from Candyman. The sexy vampire costume outfit will definitely make a statement. I love how the red lace was used as waistband and of course, the rear details, that x string at the back clearly says, you are not just the "top" of the party but a willing vampiric bottom as well. 

Satisfy the perennial cravings of everyone by showing up as the sexy officer complete with handcuffs and a cap. This ensemble has been an all time favorite at Dude Undies Sexy Underwear Section.

I mean the population of people owning this piece is growing by mere 6 digits by now probably. Who wouldn't. This intimate and sexy costume that may be a great addition for any couple's life also makes a great costume to show up at a Halloween party. Come on, show off those hard earned bulges at the gym this October 31 and put this one on! 

Show everyone your wild side! What better way to declare that statement than wearing this Zebra Print Costume. It comes with pocket enhancement to make your bulge standout. Not something you like? 

If going wild with a zebra print is not your thing, or showing up as a pirate or a vampire, then go with the forever hot fireman look. Both the fireman costumes above are from Candyman. The choice is yours, do you want to go with a long hose? Then the first one is for you! Otherwise go with a see-through lace and expose your very own hose! I think the latter will make a better statement? Just be careful about who will attend the party, I am pretty sure your boss or your mother will not be very impressed. 

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