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The Best of Mens Pouch Underwear 2017 - 2018

Posted by Dude Undies on

Mens pouch underwear proves to be the right pair for the well-endowed. Or so one would think, the extra room provides a comfortable space for the big boys. But does this suggest that men with regular “manhood” must avoid them?


The more they should consider it. Mens pouch underwear is great for enhancing your man parts. Whether you are aiming to make it look bigger or simply take advantage of the comfort it provides.

In 2015 and 2016, mens pouch underwear has become even more popular than ever. With global demands, most brands were swayed to produce mens pouch underwear to keep up with the consumer demands.

These 5 mens pouch underwear are the best in the market according to sales:

1. Clever Symbol Latin Brief

Clever Symbol Latin Brief makes is great for those who aims to enhance and avoiding elaborate designs. This mens pouch underwear uses conventional elastic cotton fabric in front and thin mesh cotton for the rear. The thick elastic waistband ensures that it stays in place. Semi-sheer fabric adds to the sexiness of this piece. 

2. Clever Navy Latin Boxer

Mens pouch underwear has never been trendier. Clever Navy Latin Boxer offers bulge enhancement while keeping you covered. Ideal for daily wear, this underwear has been one of the favorites. The pouch is created to make your man parts sit comfortably protruding instead of constricting it and make it look flat. 

If you do not want to look less, this one does the job for you. 

3. Mandies Structure Jockstrap

Looking like a regular sporty and sexy brief in front but exposing your rear, what could be sexier than this? 

Jockstraps are great types of underwear for the sporty guys and that being said, jockstraps are great pieces for bulge enhancements. 

Mandies Structure Jockstrap offers comfort, affordability and of course fashionably sexy. So the next time you are hitting the gym or simply undressing to impress consider this type of under. Browse for more here.

4. WildmanT Raw Stripe Jockstrap

Aiming for minimal coverage? WildmanT Raw Sport Jockstrap gives you sexiness at a different level. Give your cock the comfort it deserves. Designed and printed with bulge enhancement in mind, this pair from WildmanT proves worthy of attention. Mens pouch underwear built for the naughty and sporty at its best! 

5. JOR Fresh Brief

Bulge enhancement and mens pouch underwear does not necessarily have to be made with cock rings and straps to protrude the cock and make it look bigger. For example, JOR Fresh Brief is designed with the pouch offering more room than usual. With seams on the side designed to give the pouch a better look, this pair is able to deliver a pouch underwear that would not make your "man parts" look flat. 

This type of underwear is ideal for both well endowed and those who might be feeling less but not going to extreme enhancements like pads, c-rings, slings and hoops. 

Most men wonder, when to wear bulge enhancements underwear? Truth is, most briefs, boxer briefs and jockstraps are ideal for daily wear and active wear. The extra pouch room provides awesome ventilation and also, if you are planning to wear tight fitting jeans, pouch underwear is most ideal. 

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