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The Perfect Sexy Men’s Halloween 2017 Costume

Posted by Dude Undies on

For any single dude out there, Halloween is all about parties and dressing up scary for the night. Since scary has become boring, over the years, “scare” has become a thing of the past. Today, the more creative you are, the better. Nonetheless, we cannot always leave Halloween costumes to be DIY, admit it, you are not as creative as you think you are. What’s next after scary and creative costumes?

Sexy men’s Halloween costumes. We’ve seen women wear their best Victoria’s secret ensemble that even comes with wings, and many flaunt their hourglass bodies by choosing to look like a playboy bunny. And what about men?

The choices seems to be limited and even ABSENT in the past. But 2017 is kind of different. I would like to highlight in this post the top 4 ensembles made for men by top men’s lingerie brand.

1. Candyman Vampire Costume Outfit

Be a sexy vampire this Halloween! You know what I think? This outfit can go fine under a black long cape. Surprise anyone by showing off what is underneath. Or if you want to really be surprising, wear it as is! I doubt there will be no eyes on you, unless of course someone thought of a better vampire idea. The sexy vampire costume by Candyman finally fulfills our Halloween wishes. 

2. Candyman Unicorn Costume Outfit

If there is one creature everyone would die to see, it would definitely be a unicorn. Show everyone your very own cute unicorn. Imagine going to a Halloween Party dressed either just with this underwear or wear a coat on top of it. If anyone asks you what your costume is, undress and show them your bikini unicorn. I bet you'd get sexy points for that! I love that rear or this one. It shows off a rainbow colored string! 

3. Candyman Pirate Costume Outfit

Be a naughty pirate! Who says pirates have long hair, dirty skin and wearing only stinky clothes. Put a twist on piracy and be a pirate who looks like wiling to please and steal hearts. This pirate costume is a complete ensemble. Goes with the eye patch and bandana. This is something you'd really want as a naughty costume even Halloween has passed. I love the lace top!

4. CandyMan Pilot Costume Outfit

Don't be a vampire, a unicorn or a pirate? Then be a pilot. I see this costume would work best for anyone working in aviation. Just make sure you are not coming only on this if your bosses are a the party. Everyone dreams to be under the command of a captain. This coming Halloween, show everyone who is really in charge by being the pilot of their dreams. Welcome aboard everyone! 

Tip for wearing these costumes: 

These costumes look great either as something you wear underneath or a bedroom surprise. If you can find an appropriate apparel such as a cape or a coat that can go well, you can even wear these ensembles on a club or another event. Just be safe. For more costume ideas, please click here.

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