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Thongs for Men: A Sexy Unstoppable Trend

Posted by Dude Undies on

When you think of thongs for men the first thing that comes in mind is… How? Then followed by Whys and many more questions. Some wrapped around the stigma of thongs as an erotic gay underwear and others just out of the blue wrong assumptions.

Perhaps thongs are very polarizing type of underwear, seen as too feminine and can create a negative impact for anyone who loves wearing it. But we say, to hell with those who judge.

However, the reason thongs for men is making advances in fashion trend is because they are evolving as a type of underwear for daily use. There are many designs out there. Of course, it is no brainer that you must pick something appropriate depending on your activity for the day.

Keep in mind these 4 points when choosing and wearing a thong: 

1. Design

Thongs for men comes in different designs. Meaning you have plenty of choices. For example, you are going to work, best choose a thong designed to look sporty with great waistband and comfortable frontal coverage. As opposed to picking something designed for a night of hot action, this will definitely make your life easier. 

What I am talking about is something like this: 

Although this type of underwear will definitely score you 100 points for an action packed activity. It may not give you the same support and comfort if you decide to wear it on other occasions. 

Thongs for men by JOR designed to remain athletic with thick waistbands will make you feel safer. You can show off the waistband without the need to expose the whole thing/ 

2. Pouches/Cut

Considering the pouch in any type of underwear you choose is a MUST. Most men fail to consider this area, that is why they either feel constricted or loose. 

In thongs for men, pouches that offer fuller coverage will definitely be more comfortable. Again, this is depending on where you intend to wear it, if you plan on a bedroom surprise, less is best. 

thongs for men

Like the Candyman Kinky Thong will definitely look great in bed but I doubt would make a comfortable and safe underwear at work. 

3. Materials

The material you choose must also match the intent for wearing a thong. Wearing something made of nylon mesh or delicate sheer would really cause you problems, if not a hard time adjusting at work. 

Go for something made of cotton combinations. 

4. Color Choices

There are many beautiful prints available. You do not need to stick up with the plain colored thongs if you choose to make it more fun. The new thongs at Dude Undies from JOR carry prints from their latest release, they are not the "LOOK at my thong" screaming type of prints but more subtle and fun. 

Other thongs that are made of polyester and nylon are meant to look glossy and would do perfectly for bedroom fun. These are the thongs I am talking about that will make you stand out but not look like going into action right away: 

[gallery size="medium" ids="683,734,735,742,730,388"]

Check out more thongs here. 

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