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Top 5 Gay Underwear You Should Wear on a Date

Posted by Dude Undies on

Let us not pretend that dating does not lead to bedroom fun. Well maybe for conservative people it doesn’t. However, I might need to check my binoculars to spot them. They are like endangered birds that comes only once in a long while. I don’t think anyone would argue since anyone conservative must not read this list, or be in this website to begin with.

Anyway, these men's and gay underwear in the following list is what we call at Dude Undies Datewear, because you should wear them on a date for better chances of a turning the heat into FIRE.

1. PetitQ Mesh Neon Bikini

There is no reason why a bikini can fail turning the heat up during a date. Obviously, no reason at all why a mesh bikini cannot make your date drool. This mesh bikini by PetitQ is new at the shop and it has already rung few hundred sales for the avid collectors.

Why? Just take a look!

This model’s cock made it look awesome. Oh, I forgot, the focus is on the underwear!

Click here to view the product.

2. PetitQ Fringy Boxer

The Fringy Boxer by PetitQ doesn’t hold back. Want to punish someone? Wear this and don’t allow them to touch your manhood under the fringe. I can only imagine how it would look like on a cock that’s fully erect!

This piece is a true fetish granter.

View product

3. CandyMan Bikini-Style Brief

Another bikini brief designed to get your date hooked on you. You can forget about mind control and other dating tactics.Wear this piece and your date will surely beg for more.Whether you are into second dates or not, just beware this might give birth to a stalker. 

It is so hot it made a few hundred sales in just a few days of being in the shop. Get yours today of this hot gay underwear! 

Get this bikini here

4. JOR Arizona Jockstrap

Modeled by the hot Andres Zapata, Arizona Jockstrap can make you not only athletic looking but also subtly remind your date that you are ready to bottom. With straps that can showcase your rear the best way, the front is made of mesh that is almost-see-through. Not quite see through as it would've been a lovely photo of Andres.

It isn't totally a gay underwear, well what is a gay underwear anyway, any sexual orientation is permitted to wear sexy piece! Time will come when all these labels will be dropped, hopefully.

Nonetheless, this piece is sure to make heated action! 

Click here to view the product

5. WildmanT Mesh Strapless Jock Big Boy Pouch

For the well endowed, don't be shy flaunting your big boy. The WildmanT Mesh Pouch collection has been in the shop for a while and has been doing great. I wonder how many relationships has been sparked and improved by this piece. 

The strapless pouch makes it more interesting and enhancing your cock. Shift the focus on your bare bottoms when you turn around. You know what, the pictures will show you better than my lousy description because this piece is a sure win! 

Check out all the brands we carry that will definitely look great if you are planning on a date. Up your game by wearing sexy underwear that never fails to impress! 

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