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Trending Trunks: A New Favorite Cut of Underwear for Men

Posted by Dude Undies on

Whether it is a swim party, hanging out by the beach, catching the waves, trunks are definitely the number choice to wear. Recently though, trunks quickly began to become a favorite underwear for active men. Got any clue how this happened?

I don’t have the perfect answer for this, but let us begin by simple saying that trunks are evolving and we are not only talking about the loose board shorts.

“Trunks designed to give awesome support for your intimate area can give you great support during a gym workout,” says Anthony, engineer in NYC.

That makes sense. So, meaning to say there are a few trunks that would qualify as underwear and there are those that simply cannot be.

Trunks like the following makes a perfect fit as an underwear or workout clothing:

For example the collection of JOR Trunks like the above. I wouldn't be surprised some men would prefer wearing it when they hit the gym or when they are lounging at home during a hot day. They are really comfortable. Nonetheless, they may not work as briefs or boxer briefs would do as daily underwear. Not unless you are planning a pool party after work. 

Same with this awesome trunks from Clever. It may work as an underwear, but could be challenging under tight jeans which may heat up your crotch area. 

Alright let us just abandon the idea how and where some men wear trunks. Although, I must admit, it is quite interesting to find out. Let us just round up favorite trunks worn by men. Here's the top 3: 

JOR Santorini Athletic Short

Across the online shopping platforms for men's underwear. No denying that the JOR Santorini Athletic Short is among the highest in sales. The simple design makes it appealing for many. The super soft fabric makes it ideal for active wear. The fabric covered elastic waistband makes them narrow fit while the front tie draw cord are there to adjust them to your need. There is a great pouch space, making it ideal even for men who are well endowed. 

WildmanT Semi Sheer Mesh Squarecut With Cock Ring

No wonder that men loves this, cut like a boxer brief and snug as swim trunk. WildmanT Semi Sheer Mesh Squarecut with Cock Ring can be worn as a perfect workout underwear. The cock ring allows extra definition of the crotch area, consider it a great bulge enhancement. Although made of mesh fabric, this piece is not see through, but will definitely make it look sexy. 

Clever Labyrinth Swim Trunk

Clever's prints make them standout. This swim trunk by Clever is a great outfit for a pool party, beach party or even just a shorts for staying at home. An interesting addition for anyone's trunk and underwear drawer. Clever is far from disappointing anyone with all their underwear, swim trunks, swim briefs, briefs and boxer briefs. For anyone who aims for the classic look, Clever delivers it well. 

Check out more trunks at the Dude Undies Shop. 

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