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Underwear Suggestions for Your Tinder, Grindr and Instagram

Posted by Dude Undies on

Wearing just your underwear and posting it on your social media and dating accounts is definitely one o the hottest trends out there. For sure, you would get the attention of people who would want to get down right dirty with you. However, you must remember that it is also a crucial step.

Showing all you’ve got the wrong way can activate internet trolling, potential hot dates may get dismayed or worse, your account banned (for sensitive platforms).

Best is you stick with the rules; the rest relies on your taste and choice. I thought of writing this guide to get you on the right track and attract the attention you crave for!

1. Do not post completely naked

Is it artistic? Now we draw the line, what is lewd, provocative and just plain distasteful. If you are peeing, in a public toilet or even just your room, do not post a picture showing your dick. Why? Because you become a dickhead if you do so. You can still be erotic and sexy if you wish, but choose to show only the preview.

What am I talking about?

Suggestion: Pick an underwear with a great waistband that would look great even if your pants are hanging low to accentuate your abs and showcase a preview of your bulge. This gets women and men extremely excited because their imagination will go running wild. Just like the examples below:

2. If you choose to wear just your underwear

Pick a good underwear and please choose to wear a new one. Wearing your old underwear with waistband that looks tired and retiring will give an impression that you have a terrible body hygiene. Maybe you do, but that is not something that you want your followers to find out. Pick a new underwear and go crazy with the design. Briefs and boxer briefs are the safest choice.

3. Playful prints

Printed underwear will get more likes simply because of the colors. Unless you are a model for Calvin Klein, choose to wear something printed, colored or plaid. This makes your photo pop and look much more interesting. Pick a good contrast for background as well. For example, if you choose an underwear that is mostly blue, a white or yellow background will make you stand out and more noticeable.

4. Do not hold a puppy or a cat

Holding a puppy or a kitty while on your underwear? Please!

Puppies and kitties do get the attention of most people simply because they are irresistibly cute. While you may look cute on your underwear does not mean you can combine the two. Unless you want to look like you just made love to your pet, just stop. DO NOT! Or maybe it is just me??? I don't know, let me know in the comments below!

5. Daring not boring

Just because you have the best abs there is means you will always look good on every photo. Even the most good-looking man on the planet have angles when taking photos. If you want to flaunt your bulges choose the right angle and the right underwear, you do not need to bore everyone who will look at your photo with a semi-hard boner just so you’d look like packing meat. There are bulge enhancement underwear that can do the trick for you without trying so hard (or to get hard).

Check out bulge enhancing underwear here.

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