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9 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Bikini this Summer!

Posted by Eric on

Like really, why are American men afraid of wearing Bikinis? Maybe it is a question of perception, something to do with homophobia, stigmatization or they hate looking sexy. It may be a wacky turn off to some especially when they wear them for any other purpose than a swim meet up. What I am sure of is once I put on my inviting cock jock lace bikini, I get that “I am Sexy and I Know it kind of feeling”. So precisely why should you consider Bikini this year and beyond?

1.It is a must have for summer.

You expected it didn’t you? Summer may seem so far away, but again after spring comes summer. During Summer we get to show off our sexy bodies at the beach, poolside or even in the house. Surely, what’s the better way than with a Bikini? Probably a G-String or Thong if Bikini is not your thing! Time flies and you definitely need to be ready for summer. Traditionally, brands like Versace, Dolce and Gabbana used to make bikini precisely for the waters and although this may have changed overtime, donning a classic bikini to beach or pool over summer will still make you stand out from the crowd. If you don’t know where to start, check out this exclusive suggestion from us!

2.Supportive approach.

Bikinis and support are two words intertwined by fate. They go hand in hand and one can’t exist without the other (unless you beat the basis of their existence). Men Bikini should hug the wearer’s body snugly. This doesn’t mean they should be too tight. However, they should be tight enough for the much-needed support. With bikinis, support is not a point of discussion. Their ideal and low rise construction, construed with a stretchy and elastic waistband makes sure you feel supported and cosy whether at the pool or just lazing around the beach.

3.Sex appeal.

If you have worn Bikini before, you are for the opinion they appear second to none for a charming and intriguing appeal. Bikinis show off your masculinity in a classic yet fashionable manner. This causes you to be noticeably appealing while you stand out wherever you are. Bikinis also boost your confidence such that you are able hit up on anyone (take this to the bank!!).

4.Comfortable for long work hours.

Although Bikinis show more skin than most dude undies, they are comfortable for long working hours. Mostly due to the cozy fabrics used in their construction. So whether you are a mechanic, pilot, or somewhere in a corner office, Bikini should be your number one choice for this hot season.

5.Easy to maintain.

Bikinis have a barely felling, mainly because of the less material used in their construction. This means you get to save a lot of time washing, and if it counts, you save on soap too. You will catch the next Netflix show, with no laundry to hold you back.

6.For more Vitamin D.

With more skin to show off equals more skin to get that precious vitamin. Ever had one of those moments when the sun kisses you? Literally!!! Don’t dare forget your sunscreen, it won’t prevent you from getting the vitamin, but will keep your sexy body free from sun burns.

7.Endless styles available.

You think it’s a joke?! Check out our Bikini collection. Whether you are up for fun or putting on a bikini is a mania you can’t get rid of! The endless Bikini styles available give you more reasons to wear one. For starters, there is an ocean of styles for you. Just to give you a quick tip, I would very much recommend this styles to crack you up.

1. ErgoWear X3D Suave Bikini

2. X Appeal Kombat Bikini

3. Cock Jock Lace Bikini

8.Amazing colors

Colors make life more livable and fun. They bring out an ideal persona in us and make us lively. They bring with them peace, loyalty, compassion and even power. Bikinis come in different colors. Whether you love solid colors or pattern prints, we guarantee you will find a sweetheart in this collection. Take your time and choose wisely.

9.Amazingly well-made pouch.

What good is an underwear if the pouch is not well-made? What good does it seek if it doesn’t guarantee your jewels a healthy felling? Bikini underwear have amazingly well-made pouches to keep your jewels healthy and ready for action.

Share your thoughts and get featured in our next blog! Which Bikini are you buying for the beach/pool/everyday wear this summer?

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