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Pink Mens Underwear is the Sexiest Choice of Color

Pink is a very feminine color surprisingly it is a single color that makes a man exude more confidence in his masculinity. Pink mens underwear has been hailed as one of the best choices if you truly want to embrace sexiness. In 2013 a campaign by many underwear brands created a fad about pink mens underwear. [...]

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Trending Trunks: A New Favorite Cut of Underwear for Men

Whether it is a swim party, hanging out by the beach, catching the waves, trunks are definitely the number choice to wear. Recently though, trunks quickly began to become a favorite underwear for active men. Got any clue how this happened?I don’t have the perfect answer for this, but let us begin by simple saying [...]

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Mens String Bikini Underwear: The Hottest Reasons Why Wear Them

Mens string bikini underwear leaves no room for the fainthearted. This type of underwear bravely showcase your bulges the best possible way. 60 percent of the male population regardless of sexual orientation have at least a couple of pairs in their underwear drawer. Why?I asked Tommy, 23, his answer was short but not disappointing either, [...]

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Underwear for Men: Sexy Styles for The Active Boys

Always settling for the bland underwear for men? Being active doesn’t mean settling for the bland styles and designs of briefs, boxer briefs and jockstraps. Underwear for men who have an active lifestyle can be sexy and erotic at the same time.Sexy does not always mean less or thin fabric. Sexy can be simply expressing [...]

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Mens Thong Underwear: Straight or Gay?

It is quite interesting to dive into underwear topics online especially mens thong underwear. The gay stigma surrounding tiny underwear seems to cross cultures and age groups. But the real question is, are mens thong underwear really just suitable for gays?The short and simple answer is NO. Heterosexual men do wear male thongs and bikinis [...]

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Mens Briefs: What Men Actually Buy and Wear Today

Mens briefs go along with the ever dynamic and competitive fashion trend. Unlike conventional knowledge, most men ages between their late teens up to early thirties prefer to wear briefs that are much more daring and erotic compared to the common classic briefs. This fact is made obvious by the rising sales of erotic and “non-standard” [...]

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Thongs for Men: A Sexy Unstoppable Trend

When you think of thongs for men the first thing that comes in mind is… How? Then followed by Whys and many more questions. Some wrapped around the stigma of thongs as an erotic gay underwear and others just out of the blue wrong assumptions.Perhaps thongs are very polarizing type of underwear, seen as too [...]

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Men’s Underwear Mistakes You Must Avoid

You do not need to be an underwear expert to know the basics of your underwear needs. Much of it is all about hygiene. Besides support, it is the primary purpose of wearing underwear. So before you make further mistakes and save your balls and cock from being stinky, sticky and suffocating your manhood let [...]

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Every Inch of Andrew Christian Model Pablo Hernandez Naked

Everyone on the internet seems to love Pablo Hernandez naked. It isn’t surprising how many would fall for Pablo Hernandez. His Andrew Christian underwear photos can make easily make anyone happy, what more his all-out pics. Everyone must have seen every inch of this hunk. From controversial Cam4 gang bangs to his provocative vines. And yes, [...]

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Top 5 Gay Underwear You Should Wear on a Date

Let us not pretend that dating does not lead to bedroom fun. Well maybe for conservative people it doesn’t. However, I might need to check my binoculars to spot them. They are like endangered birds that comes only once in a long while. I don’t think anyone would argue since anyone conservative must not read this [...]

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