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Men’s Lace Underwear: How Sexier Could It Get?

The impact of a man wearing a lace underwear is undeniably arousing. For centuries laces dominated women’s underwear fashion and the recent crossover of laces to men’s underwear raised the question, “Is it a new trend or a fad?” As far as men’s underwear goes, it has never gone across kink shops sold together with sex toys. The stigma that [...]

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The Sexiest Men’s Underwear – Jockstraps and Thongs

Jockstraps Anyone who says that jockstraps are not sexy has to be someone who holds no appreciation for the male anatomy. There is so much about men’s body that has to be appreciated just like when women are praised. The bulges and the buns are one, and what other kind of underwear other than jockstraps can really boast those two? Well, [...]

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Color Me Sexy: Dude Undies Colorful Men’s Underwear

From multi-colored briefs to artistic prints, men’s underwear has indeed evolved compared to the days when men are expected to wear only plain colored underwear. What is it about colorful men’s underwear that makes it look so sexy? Well for one, the playful prints can be used to give contour to your package and give it more definition. Most [...]

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Men’s Underwear Guide to Bulge Enhancement

More than comfort, fabric used and the brand, another thing that is mostly considered by most men is how to enhance their bulges. It’s all about the bulge these days. Well, not to flaunt your boners please, bulges “normal looking” are slowly becoming a measure of attraction. It is no doubt that a man with a serious normal looking bulge [...]

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Undress to Impress: Sexy Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear has come a long way. As we yet end another year, no one can say what’s next for men’s underwear fashion. The underwear market has boomed with plenty of sexy underwear designs that are not exactly created for fetishes or anything that evokes sex. A man has to be sexy within as without to be able to [...]

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De-briefing 5 Myths of Sexy Men’s Underwear

Some people may see underwear as just a piece clothing, an undergarment that does not need much attention. Well that depends on the day and age you live in. Today, underwear has more meaning to it. In fact, a man’s character can easily be judged by his underwear drawer.  Beyond fashion, underwear is that tiny piece of material that you [...]

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5 Reasons Why Men’s Underwear is the King of Gifts

Underwear is the perfect perennial gift for men. It’s a versatile gift that can go from classic to naughty or sexy to ACTION. It never fails to put a smile on someone’s face and that mental image that can connote pure honest care without malice while being fun.  But gifting someone special to you with something naughty, can send their [...]

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Dude Undies Trending Thongs: Is It for You?

Men wearing thongs couldn’t get any hotter. Thongs are tiny yet deadly when it comes to turning on your partner, they bring this vibe that can make anyone say “YES” with little to no effort at all. This lethal weapon of seduction will never fail you. Dude Undies collection of trending thongs guarantees action with seduction. The following are the [...]

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The Dude’s Comfort and Joy for The Holidays

Keeping your boy well supported during the holidays is a must. Tis the season to be jolly and it’s important that you aren’t just trendy and ready but also comfortable. Whether you are looking for the best underwear to gift yourself or someone special, Dude Undies delivers the best picks for the season. Top 10 Sexy Underwear for the Holidays1. [...]

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A Dude’s Guide To Underwear Styles – Our Top 30 Picks For You!

Let’s face it, underwear is a necessary evil. We need it to keep bodily fluids from making our clothing smelly and stained. Also, it keeps the ‘boy’s’ supported, comfortable and even protected… That should be reason enough to keep the undies on, or should it? Typically, women have had all the fun when it comes to [...]

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