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Worthy to Have Underwear of 2018

Posted by Dude Undies on

With the hundreds of designs to choose from and hundreds of new ones coming each year. Most underwear brands push the boundaries with new innovations not just in design but also in textile choices.

For consumers like most of us, we are just lost…

So here are Dude Undies roundup of underwear you must get to be on the safe side:

1.  Go Stylish and Safe – Candyman Nutcracker

The sound of “nut cracker” may not actually ring safe, (laughs). But this trendy underwear will up your boxer brief selection a few knots. The Candyman Nut Cracker Boxer Briefs combines a few fashionable elements into underwear, so if you're a guy who likes to be seen sans clothes, these are the ones for you. They're made from a soft microfiber fabric that fits like a glove, and they has a zipper on front for easy handling.

2.Hard Candy Boxer Brief by Candyman

Another worthy to notice design from Candyman, the Hard Candy boxer brief combines sporty and sexy, giving you an active wear or a daily wear type of boxer brief.

The Candyman Hard Candy Boxer Briefs features a subtle design that really shows up as it stretches to form a sleek, body-defining fit that nicely accentuates your masculine contours. These full-coverage boxer briefs are ideal for any occasion. Soft microfiber for a breathable feeling. Contrast trim around pouch, back and legs.

3. Going for Prints? Go with Clever

Clever will never get you wrong with their printed briefs and boxer briefs. From trendy to classic prints, their designs are appropriate for the young and mature. For example, the Jungle Piping Brief.

The Clever Jungle City Piping Brief is decked out in a wild image print that's perfect for the nature lover. These super comfy boxer briefs are a must-have for the guy who loves serious style down below. Printed may vary from the one on the picture.

4. A Satisfying Choice – Clever Divo Brief

If you are not a fan of boxer brief and prefer briefs instead, it can get pretty intimidating to choose among hundreds of choices. The Clever Divo Brief is yet an amazing piece from Clever.

Made from a soft microfiber fabric that forms a sleek, body-defining fit that ups the sexy factor a bit! Wear these comfy briefs anytime you feel the need to turn up the heat. 

5. Pikante Parachute Brief

For anyone who wish to wear something sexy and complementing their masculine features. Pikante Parachute brief gives you a great bulge enhancing underwear but ensuring your comfort and style.

The Pikante Parachute Matrix Brief is a low-rise brief that features ultra-high cut leg openings for a look that s sporty and modern. It is made from a super silky, stretch microfiber fabric that lies flat against your body like a second skin for a comfortable, barely-there fit. 

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