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Top 10 Random Supportive And Hot Picks For You.

Posted by Eric on

 1.Dunda Boxer Brief.

Made from a super lightweight stretch fabric, the Dunda Boxer Brief tops our list of the hottest Boxer Briefs this season. It forms a sexy body-defining fit around you and with its inviting see through design gives sexy glimpses of your finest assets. The waistband is held tight in place to offer support while the see-through mesh pouch, keeps your jewels healthy and comfortable. It has romantic cutouts on front and back guaranteed to fill that amazing date with love. You can wear it for any occasion and will keep you attractive during summer.

2.Ylang Jockstrap.

Coming second is the Ylang Jockstrap. This is a sexy boudoir piece for boys that will leave little to the imagination! It is made from sheer lace and it only provides a dash of coverage where it counts. On the back it has thin straps that crisscross all around your butt making sure you look more stylish from the back. The waistband is itch free and will show off stylishly with your pants on (if you want them to show). This is a piece you will love during summer and even for everyday wearing. 

3.Bomb Bay G String

The Candyman Bomb Bay G string provides coverage only where it counts, up front; leaving the back open to a sexy, strappy, cheek-baring extravaganza. The pouch is very comfortable and connected by two thin straps to the back. It is made in a quintessential and classic gold and black fabric to keep you on top of your game. On the back it has two thin straps and a thin G string. It is stretchy and fits well (get your normal size). It is impressive in bed but you can wear it all day for a spectacular adventure.

4.Bottom Boy Jockstrap

The Bottom Boy Jockstrap is the ideal choice for any man who plays hard at the gym and beyond. It is a piece that gets you hooked from the moment you put it on and solves all your athletic support needs. It stretches perfectly but at the same time is tight enough to provide great support to your equipment. The material quality is great and you will definitely enjoy its daring experience. At the front, it resembles a low rise brief while at the back it opens for a sexy, comfortable, fashionable and crazy open air jockstrap. The comfy wide straps offer you enough athletic support with a slight butt boost. If you are up for a sexy sporty style, don’t consider leaving this behind.

5.Yacon Harness

PetitQ Yacon Harness brings into play two of your favorite accessories to make one super sexy style. Running from your neck down to your sexy, energetic thighs, it ensures zero coverage enough to give you a different edge in the sexy men arena. Composed of a soft stretch, elastic fabric it ensures comfort, support and breathability to your whole body. The ring at the bottom is wide enough for your jewels to fit with the much-needed support during sex. The provocative band at the thigh level nicely and provocatively goes round your sexy thighs to give you a new striking and erotic look. You can rock them for self-pleasure, for private moments or even for sex.

6.Cockoroony Mesh Jockstrap.

The Cockoroony Mesh Jockstrap is for the guy expects the best from his jockstrap. It has a pouch shaped to be roomy and defining for your member to feel special with a seducing comfort, coolness and a healthy feeling. The pouch is also made with a mesh fabric to bring out the best during intimacy. It offers minimal rear coverage and features sensual rear straps for athletic support and a sexy butt boost that will take your partner by surprise. This jockstrap is made to be sexy and it will deliver that or even go beyond your expectations. You can wear it anytime either for a day at work under your jeans or for an evening of passion and love.

7.PPU Terra Bikini

The PPU Terra Bikini world class designing construed with quality material makes sure the feel is sexy and smooth. It is tight in the front and will show any outline you have. This Bikini is a perfect underwear for all day wear more so for summer. Its sexy sheer and comfortability makes you feel you are wearing nothing. It is very soft, thin and slightly see through just in case. It fits well and the front pouch is very thin and skimpy. It is quick drying and will get moisture winking to keep your skin softened. It is also good for sports. The front minimal and rear full coverage design gives you the confidence to move around on the beach, side pool, swimming, indoor and outdoor activities. The pouch is adjutant with the balls to keep them in place smoothly. You will love them no matter the occasion.

8.PPU Multi-Strap Jockstrap

The PPU Multi-Strap Jockstrap is manufactured in stylish designs, with different colorful fabrics to give a bliss of attraction. It has a printed waistband attached with rear color straps by rings to give this jockstrap a place in the market. The visible bulge of front pouch shouts sexy smart underwear wherever you are. The pouch is roomy enough for your indulging package and for the bold profile lovers. Its stretchy and flexible material will give you the best comfort during wearing with no itching whatsoever. The grip of this strappy sexy is all around your body to bring you attention and more confidence while beach walking or even swimming. It is available Blue, Gray, Orange, and White color just in case you want to get sexy.

9.Black Exotic Men Jockstrap

The Black Exotic Men Jockstrap has it all in the details from the front to the back. It turns up the sexy factor a bit and with a few extra straps provides more support, comfort and tightens the fit for a better grip on your masculine body. Some of the straps are for show, while others in the back give your butt an extra boost. The pouch is roomy, breathable, durable and wet looking for a dash of sexiness. Slip this baby on and enjoy a sporty, sexy new you anytime anywhere even at the gym. It can be a perfect alternative for the bikini season around the corner.

10.Boriqua Dance Matrix Brief.

Closing the list is the Boriqua Dance Matrix Brief. It fits like a glove and with utter comfort and sexiness make you more attractive. It is a low rise men lingerie featuring an ultra-high cut leg opening for a sporty and modern look. It is made from a super silky stretch microfiber fabric that will lie flat against your body like a second skin for a comfortable, barely there fit. It is perfect for any occasion you prefer!

Share your thoughts and get featured in our next post. Which is your favourite?

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